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Stem cells

What are stem cells and why is there a big interest in stem cells? Is it possible to invest in this niche of biotech? That is what this report aims to explain.

The best healing is performed by our stem cells. The researchers aim to recruit the body’s own health workers to build up healthy organs and cure diseases. Stem cells are the body’s raw materials. In short, stem cells are special human cells that can transform into other cell types.

Modern medicine potentially has a lot to gain and learn from stem cell research. For example, the research might provide more knowledge of how certain diseases occur. Another potential gain is the treatment of different types of deceases and conditions, like diabetes, Parkinson's etcetera. Stem cell treatment enables patients to replace their malfunctioning insulin-producing cells with new functional ones. Eyesight loss could also potentially be reversed with the usage of stem cells, as well as other cognitional abilities.

There are several biotech companies that are actively working with stem cells. Most of them listed on the American market. There are limited options to invest in stem cell companies listed on the Swedish market, but one example is Nextcell Pharma with a very interesting lead candidate.

What we know with certainty is that the technology and knowledge behind the stem cell treatment are getting more advanced, which has been proven with several scientific breakthroughs throughout recent years. Skeptic or not, the industry is interesting with several investment opportunities around the world, even in Sweden.

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